Connected Other Assessment (kinship assessments), including our Two Week Viability Assessment.

A Kinship / Family Assessment by one of our team is a tool for gathering information about whether or not a specific family member is able to provide care to a child in the short term and long term. The Kinship / Family Assessment undertaken by Jamma Umoja will pay close consideration to the contentious issue of contact and the nature of the child’s and the kinship carers’ continued relationship with the birth parent.

These Assessments will endeavour to include all family members in developing a workable kinship care arrangement for a looked after child. The Jamma Umoja team can be commissioned when a child is unable to remain with their parents and alternative short and long term care arrangements need to be made for the child.

It is an expectation that a Local Authority considers members of the child’s extended family as alternative carers before placing the child with unrelated foster carers in the care system. Our team will gather information about the child and their circumstances from the Local Authority. We will convene a meeting with all the significant family members to gain an understanding of the family’s plan for the child.

A programme of work will be agreed with the prospective kinship / family carers. This will include individual interviews, seeing the child on their own and observing them with the prospective kinship / family carers. We will meet with the birth parents to ascertain their views and gather information from any professionals involved with the prospective carers.


The Jamma Umoja Connected Other Viability Assessment incorporates essential areas required by the Framework for Assessment of Children in Need and their Families (National Framework for Assessment Triangle). We would cover the history of family and friends, initial assessment of their parenting capacity, assessment of their ability to meet a child’s needs and their ability to protect a child from parents if the Local Authority does not have an Order.


Family and Friends Assessments

These assessments determine whether a family or friend’s placement of the child is achievable.

We can provide kinship assessments of family and friends that meet the stringent requirements of Local Authority. We are able to provide assessment reports in accordance with the requirements of your local Panel. We liaise closely with the Local Authority Family Placement Social Worker to ensure that the specific requirements of a local Panel are met. We are happy to present our assessment reports to your local Panel and provide an additional assessment report to be used within the Court Proceedings.