As one of our service options for commissioners and in order to safeguard residents and their children we may need to use CCTV monitoring in their rooms. This would not be done without seeking their specific agreement and that of the Local Authority at the time of it being introduced but we ask residents to agree in principle at this point if for any reason camera monitoring is seen as essential to safeguarding residents and their child.


Jamma Umoja staff members allocated to work with the family on Night Waking duties take responsibility to ensure that:

  • Staffs are present with parents at all times when baby is awake between 19:00 and 09:00. A 30 minute detailed chronology to be maintained of all care tasks, interaction with child and the interaction between the parents.
  • CCTV monitors to be watched between 19:00 and 09:00. Baby monitor to be placed in the room and monitor held by staff during these times also.
  • Physically check on the family every hour.
  • Comment on things that parents are doing well and offer guidance and advice where necessary
  • How do the parents show baby warmth, what words are said, are they able to comfort him and settle him when he is distressed
  • Are the parents able to interpret baby’s cues?


One-to-one, 24-hour supervision is a service we offer when both we and the Local Authority are seriously concerned about the safety of a child and the parent/s’ capacity to meet their child’s needs.  We work intensively with the family and child all day, escorting them out (shopping, visiting the GP or Health Visitor, attending meetings and reviews etc) and continue working intensively with the family well after their child is fed, bathed and settled in the evening.  Intensive monitoring is not only used to ensure the safety of the child but also viewed as an excellent platform to provide a parent with thorough guidance, advice and practical demonstrations to assist them to develop practical parenting skills with the ultimate objective of ameliorating their capacity to understand and meet their child’s needs.