About Us

We offer a service to children to assess what is in their best interests in the immediate and longer term future. We aim to offer them a voice in the assessment to ensure that their needs are the priority. We also undertake to safeguard and promote the welfare of children within our centre by ensuring that they are offered appropriate supervision and monitoring. We offer a service to male and female and same sex couples, sole carers male and female, and family groups eg mother and grandmother, who are caregivers for children and who are required to undergo assessment whether or not they are in proceedings.

Jamma Umoja’s overall aim is to:

  • Provide clearly structured, relevant, flexible, child-focussed assessments, tailored to the professionals’ needs and the individual family, within a basic agreed framework
  •  Use multi-disciplinary teams, adopting a multi-dimensional assessment approach, presenting findings which are underpinned by evidence based practice and where appropriate are qualified by research findings
  • Provide high quality reports and experienced witnesses to speak to them in court
  • Offer a clear costing structure and best value for commissioners
  • Offer the best opportunities for children to remain with their parent(s) if that is in their best interests
  • This document is an updated guide of our services


Our Team

Karen Gravesande-Hill
Karen Gravesande-Hill – Director of Jamma Umoja Integrated Services
I’ve been managing the service since 2001 and share overall responsibility with Hugh for the organisation. You’ll probably speak to me if you are commissioning an assessment. I developed the Women’s Domestic Violence Group; I’m really proud of our work helping women learn to protect themselves and their children. We welcome families from all backgrounds and aim to keep children with their parents when it’s in their best interests.

Hugh Hill
Hugh Hill – Director of Jamma Umoja Integrated Services
I’ve been co-managing Jamma since 2003. You’ll meet me right from the planning stage of the assessment and I’m very hands on to ensure that risk is managed and children and vulnerable parents are safe and supported. I pioneered the Men’s Group and I’m inspired by the transforming journey that many of our male residents make in their time in Jamma.

Linda Daley
Linda Daley – Integrated Services Director
I provide training and consultation for Jamma, writing many of the reports and run our student programme. I work with Karen and Hugh to ensure we maintain our high standards across the service. This includes maintaining our outstanding status with Ofsted awarded to both our Bromley and Croydon unit. I’m an experienced manager with specialist skills in mental health and complex case work.

Iain Forbes
Iain Forbes – Integrated Services Director
I’m one of the senior managers in the Integrated Services team and mainly work with Linda to improve service delivery and to maintain high quality assessments produced by Jamma. I’m an experienced social worker with a varied background in conducting assessments that ultimately determine whether or not a parent has the capacity to meet the needs of their child/children.

Alan Finer
Alan Finer – Consultant Psychologist
I’m an experienced Consultant Psychologist at Jamma and I contribute to all assessments and when commissioned carry out independent psychological assessments. I’m an expert witness and I enjoy devising and delivering treatment programmes that will allow parents with multiple difficulties to be given an opportunity to parent.

Duma Siso
Duma Siso – Dual Diagnosis Practitioner
I’ve an MSc in addictions and have over 14 years experience as a Registered Mental Health Nurse. My role is to assess parents with drug and alcohol problems and/or mental ill health in the context of determining their ability to parent. I also assess parents’ functioning and support them to understand the impact of their difficulties on their children and how they can try to manage them.

Emma Freeman & Michelle Thompson
Emma Cooper / Michelle Thompsom – Business Support & PA
We are the PA’s to the Directors. We also deal with recruitment and general HR issues and finance.