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Services we provide

An important part of the assessment is parental participation in groups. The group dynamic offers an additional assessment tool in addition to individual work and enables information to be imparted to establish the parents capacity to understand and process information shared within the group.

Life Coach

Freedom Programme for Men and Women

A women only group and a men only group which is a mandatory part of the assessment, using group intervention. This group looks to raise self-esteem, the impact of domestic violence on children and adult victims and is a 'safe space' for families to talk about their experiences and feelings. This programme is also available as an outreach service for external service users.

Support Group

Mindfulness & Wellbeing

This group is run by our onsite psychologist Wayne Reid and provides a regular space where the resident parents can air and think about any factors that might be affecting their progress and assessment in the unit, and how these might be constructively resolved with the staff and each other. The discussion and analysis of such factors will be based around the concepts of adult attachment and how we re-create patterns of interaction with others based on earlier experiences.

Support Group_edited.jpg

Men's group

Jamma Umoja also runs a Men’s Support Group on a weekly basis which is mandatory. The group looks at a wide range of issues including looking at the role of men in society, being a father, domestic abuse from victim and perpetrators perspective, relationships, and any particular issues that the residents might feel are pertinent. This group is run by Wayne Reid.

Painting Class

Baby Sensory, Baby massage, Messy play & Rhyme Time

We run a child focused messy play and sensory play group for all families to attend on site in our sensory space. The group aids as a teaching and fun group for all to attend. Promoting positive play, interaction stimulation and bonding and attachment between babies/ children and parents.

Drinking Coffee

Parents social activities

Aims to give residents a shared space to feel nurture. Activities include Breakfast club, coffee morning, pamper sessions, movie nights and pilates

Feeding the Toddler

Nutrition: Eating as a family

Cooking Sessions Jamma Umoja promotes healthy eating and a healthy living lifestyle. We have a snack trolley which sells healthy snacks and drinks for parents and staff. Support is given to residents to gain an understanding of nutrition, meal planning, appropriate meals for children at different ages and stages, e.g., weaning food, toddler food cooking for a family, ‘food on the move’ – how to manage healthy eating for parents and children on a low budget when out in the community.

Women Holding Hands

Women’s Support Group

Our support group is run by Janet Newart on a weekly basis. This group aims to offer support and relaxation, focusing on reducing stress and mindfulness.  This includes reflexology sessions, meditation, pamper evenings and more.

Mother and Baby on Floor

Play Sessions

These are facilitated by Jamma Umoja for the parents and their child/ren on a 1:1 and group basis, using participative techniques and support around understanding the importance of play. These sessions help to strengthen bonds and attachment and support parents in gaining the confidence to play with their baby or child.

Studio Fitness


We run weekly Pilates classes for families and staff. This group helps to support parents to focus on themselves and their own health and wellbeing. Many parents being postpartum are given the opportunity to exercise facilitated by an independent, trained Pilates instructor to focus on post-partum recovery and general wellbeing and health.

Yoga Class

Staff Pilates

The staff are also provided with a space to participate in the Pilates classes. We recognise that Working out at work is proven to increase energy, productivity and creativity while reducing stress. The workplace environment improves when employees take advantage of a middle-of-the-day work out by creating mood-boosted workers.

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