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Jamma Umoja means "families in union" in Swahili. Established in 1996, Jamma offers social work services to families across the UK. With two residential family-care centres, Jamma aims to provide an independent range of services for children and their families to give the best opportunities for children to remain with their parents if it is in the child's best interests.

Jamma offers a range of bespoke parenting assessments within a multidisciplinary team, assessments and interventions are tailored to meet the needs of the service users (child & parent)

Having worked within the family courts for over 26 years and pioneering the viability assessments, Jamma now offers a range of assessment models to improve the outcomes for children and families.  We pride ourselves on the relationships we establish with children and families placed with us.   

Jamma provides a range of groups and interventions designed to improve parenting capacity including PAMS Assessments, The Freedom Programme, Viability Assessments, Pre-Placement Risk Assessments, Mindfulness & Wellbeing Group, Men’s Group, Baby Groups including Rhyme Time, Baby Sensory and Messy Play, Baby Massage and Parent Pamper Sessions

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Home: Who We Are


6 Week Assessments

These provide a prognostic view as to the likely outcome of the assessment. At the six week stage we provide a recommendation and prognosis report. 6 week assessments can be tailored to the needs of the family and extended if required.

12 Week Parenting Assessments

This is our standard package of assessment which are usually set out at the planning stage: 

  • 2 week

  • 6 week

  • 10 week recommendation

  • 12 week conclusion 

Reverse Assessments

These assessments are designed to support families in the community to either reintegrate or keep families together with extra support and required intervention. We often tailor these assessments to support in complex and difficult family set ups. These assessments are commissioned when a residential assessment is not deemed suitable, but the risks and needs remain high.

Risk Assessments

We conduct thorough risk assessments at pre-placement and throughout the assessment process, these are regularly updated. We also offer independent risk assessments as an additional service.

Community Assessments

These vary in timescales depending on the instruction. We provide community assessments all over the UK and when required overseas. Community assessments generally include observations of contacts, home visits and focused sessions with regular reviews and final or prognosis reports.

PAMS Assessments

‘Parent Assessment Manual’ assessments are also known as PAMS assessments and include an assessment of: 

  • child care and development

  • behaviour management

  • independent living skills

  • safety and hygiene

  • parents’ health

  • relationships and support

  • the impact of the environment and community on parenting.

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Supervised Contacts

These are included in our standard assessment, we also offer supervised contact as an external additional service

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Programmes & Interventions

An important part of the assessment is parental participation in groups. The group dynamic offers an additional assessment tool in addition to individual work and enables information to be imparted to establish the parents capacity to understand and process information shared within the group.

Life Coach
Support Group
Support Group_edited.jpg

Freedom Programme for Men and Women

A women only group and a men only group which is a mandatory part of the assessment, using group intervention. This group looks to raise self-esteem, the impact of domestic violence on children and adult victims and is a 'safe space' for families to talk about their experiences and feelings. This programme is also available as an outreach service for external service users.

Mindfulness & Wellbeing

A safe and reflective space for parents to speak openly about how they are feeling about the assessments. They can share experiences and talk about their feelings. Topics include adult attachment and how we create patterns of interaction with others based on earlier experiences. Looking at how it impacts them as individuals and as parents.

Men's Support Group

This group looks at fatherhood, masculinity, the changing role of a man in society and how that impacts on how they see themselves as well as their relationships with parents and partners.

Painting Class
Drinking Coffee
Feeding the Toddler

Baby Sensory, Baby Massage, Messy Play & Rhyme Time

We run a child focused play group for all families to attend, this group aids as a teaching and fun social setting, promoting positive play, interactive stimulation and bonding between babies / children and parents.

Parents Social Activities

Aims to give residents a shared space to feel nurture. Activities include breakfast club, coffee morning, pamper sessions, movie nights and pilates

Nutrition: Eating as a Family

Support is given to residents to gain an understanding of nutrition, meal planning, appropriate meals for children at different ages eg. weaning food, toddler food and how to manage healthy eating for parents and children on a low budget when out in the community

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