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Summary of Role:

To protect, support and promote the welfare of children and their parent(s) whether in residence or the community, whilst contributing directly and indirectly to the undertaking of fair and evidence-based assessments. To respond to the emotional, physical and mental needs of children and their parent (s), acting as a positive role model throughout direct work, in order to encourage a safe environment which enables best outcomes to be achieved.

Requirements: Must hold a minimum of a level 3 qualification in Health and Social Care. Children and Young People.

Key Responsibilities:

  • To undertake daily responsibilities and assigned tasks.

  • To maintain accurate recordings of all involvement and observations of individuals/families in a clear, and concise manner.

  • To ensure that all written work is produced to an acceptable level and completed within the agreed timescales.

  • To escort family members as required, on shopping expeditions, to appointments (including court, statutory, medical, housing, finance etc.), their homes, on recreational outings etc. Ensuring appropriate support is provided to ensure safe and timely arrival.

  • To encourage parent (s) to develop appropriate social networks through the attendance of purpose filled activities in the community to promote the development of support systems and social integration.

  • To undertake and complete detailed records of observations of basic care tasks, in accordance with the stipulated care plan, direction from managers and policies and procedures of the organisation. Providing and reporting on any support, advice and modelling deemed necessary.

  • To undertake home visits as directed by the Operations Managers, or management team.

  • To monitor/visit parents/carers and their children, on a planned or ad hoc basis in the unit or community while keeping their safety at the forefront and reporting any concerns to the families’ Case Manager. In addition to recording these concerns on the family's file.

  • To respond to the needs of families in order to promote their welfare and safety. Ensuring that any developed care plans are reflective and updated to respond to changing levels of need.

  • To administer access to medications and record all transactions accordingly in line with Company policy.

  • To undertake room checks as required and in accordance with the shift plans, policy’s and procedures.

  • To contribute to case discussions and handovers about families and individuals in order to help to obtain fair & accurate perspectives of family functioning.

  • To log the comings and goings of families, their visitors (professional and familial or friends) in the visitors book and in their case files.

  • To actively participate in team meetings, training sessions and health and safety processes.

  • To facilitate or contribute to residential service users meetings, groups or sessions.

  • To supervise and record contact sessions with children and parents/carers

  • To provide a good level of care to children when required.

  • To work as a part of the team.

  • To represent the company, in a professional manner, in courts, case conferences and any other forum that is considering the wellbeing of a family and or its individual members.

  • To undertake any other duties & responsibilities in accordance with the exigencies of the service.


* The duties and responsibilities in this job description are not exhaustive. The post holder may be required to undertake other duties within the general scope of the post.

* This post requires the holder to do varying shifts, which include early morning and late evening work, and sleep-ins. The post holder also is required to work weekends as part of a rota and Bank Holidays when required.

* On occasions you may be requested to change your rota at a given notice as per your contract, to ensure the contingencies of the service are covered.

* This post requires the holder to have a clear DBS check at all times Changes to personal circumstances which may effect this must be notified to your line manager immediately.

Job Type: Full-time, Permanent

Salary: From £24,000.00 per year

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